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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


As I had mentioned in my first post. Stuffed toys is one the things that I like. I have another stuffed toy who's name is stitch, from the movie " Lilo and Stitch". My boyfriend gave it to me when we where in disneyland in Hongkong. I remember we went inside a theater where you can see stitch virtually. Talking to poeple as if he is alive. We where having fun watching that show . Stitch performed as an alien and invaded enemy's space craft. He was chased by the alien enemy . It was pretty fun then . So when we went to one of the stores in disney I was in a rushed looking for a stuff toy of stitch but then I couldnt find one I like. So we went to another store and there I saw a stitch stuff toy with his mouth wide open, I tried it on. It was so cute. Stitch wants to eat my head.(heheheh) . Heres nother cuty little stitch behving himself. Duh! stitch is naughty.(hehhehe) Stitch does not look good when his mouth is wide open.

Front Office Management

Im glad that I am almost done in my short term course which is the front office management. It's easier than I thought . I have lots of expectations during my first day. That I would learn what is the function of the front office staff , learning their duties and responsibilities and so on and so forth. When the class is going on I have learn more than I expected. Our teacher is more fun and bubbly. He really explained well the theory of the course and initiate as a front office clerk or receptionist as publicly known. Giving the student inter- action through dramatiztion and actual perfromance as a hotel staff . (just to make difference , It wasn't boring). I suddenly realised that as a hotel staff they have lots of things to do.Merging in other department is best thing to hasten the work of the hotel staff.

There are many things that has been changed in the hotel nowadays. In local and global hotels. You can see the differences in the advancement in global hotels. From mechanical key before to mechanical keyless , room racks before to computers , telegram before to telefaxed today. As days goes by we can see the improvement and the enhancement of the tools that use to handle a reservation. I really learned a lot of things in studying FO management even in just a short time . Work ethics and traits of the front office staff should not be forget and should be practice .Remember : the sales should not be lost.>>>

Im not going to make this longer because I dont want you to get bored reading my blog. Have fun guys..