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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Teddy Bears

Its been a while that I didnt give any attention to my teddy bear stuff. I just displayed it in a cabinet. When my boyfriend gave me I was so happy. I love stuff toys specially when someone gave me. The first one he gave was the brown teddy bear. I named it xela . It was a cute one .I really cant tell if its female or male teddy bear. Well I am not good in identifying gender when it comes to stuffy things (lol) . Here comes the second one . The color is white . For sure I know now the gender of the second one. I guess the white bear is a female. What do you think? Hehehe enough of that guessing. My boyfriend named it refinnej. We got those two names for my teddy from our backward names. (alex and jennifer) sounds cute hah! A simple stuffy I have it gives joy in my heart. The both teddy bears are cuddly.My boyfriend gave it to me during our monthsary. I just can't remeber now what month.( lol )But anyway, I keep playing it before . When I sighted them in a cabinet . I think It's better to make a post about this stuffy litte thing since I didn't give much attention to my cutey , cuddly little bear. For sure they are happy now atleast many poeple can see them . Well enough for this at the moment . I hope you guys enjoy reading this post.

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